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Sales Policy

We stand by our products, and we believe that we provide the best products possible. At our store front we will always show you the product, and show you that they are alive and well, or intact (for tackle). We will never sale you bad bait.

If you purchase our products at OUR store front, we provide many services for our customers. If your products is mishandled by you and die before you use them, we may replace your bait for free, but at our own discretion. If the tackle you purchased is not what you were expecting or wanting, we will provide a full refund.

If you purchase our products at another store that is NOT our store front we will not provide you with a refund nor replace the product for free. The products purchased at another store is handled by the owner of that store and any issues with our products purchased at their store should be taken up with them or their managers.

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND TO RECYCLE. At CWB we encourage those who use or purchase our products to be mindful of their waste and limit your footprint, carbon or otherwise.