Starting in 1977, Carolina Wholesale Bait was envisioned by Wayne Ray King. Since then, Wayne has made a huge impact in the bait distribution scene, and has made CWB a well known company. He transformed the company into a family business and runs it with his wife Angela King and son Boyd King. At CWB we are a family oriented company that loves the outdoors, and especially fishing. We stand by our products and our clientele, always offering the best possible prices for the best possible products.
We are committed to our community and strive to help those in need. 

Wayne King


Wayne King is the owner of Carolina Wholesale Bait. He is 77 years young, and loves the outdoors, fishing, and his family. He started CWB in 1977.

Angela King


Angela is the wife of Wayne King, and long term business partner of CWB. She handles the hands on stuff of the business.

Boyd King

Co-Owner & Operations Manager

Boyd is the son of Wayne & Angela King, and is the behind the scenes manager of CWB. He handles the creation of the website and attracting new clientele.

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